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some things about me

  1. I don’t think I ever want kids, but I’m afraid of dying alone and kids might be a good way to prevent that if my partner dies first. But I really hate how kids take over your life. They’re little fun-suckers. I also would most likely adopt. I never want to be pregnant, and there’s plenty of kids who already need parents. 
  2. I love baby animals. Sometimes I get teary-eyed watching videos of them.
  3. I would swim in the ocean every day if I could. I get energy from being around water. Being land-locked is starting to feel like claustrophobia. I’m hoping to move to Washington or Oregon, but I’m afraid I won’t find a job there after I graduate, and I’m likely to get hired where I interned here. 
  4. I’ve dyed my hair everything from light blonde to dark brown and shades of red. It’s currently a copper-red. I wish it was my natural color instead of light reddish-brown/dark blonde. When I lived in Michigan it was naturally darker because it was cloudy most of the year. 
  5. I want a green sapphire or peridot engagement ring. Green is my favorite color. I want my ring to be unique. When I get engaged, I also plan on getting my boyfriend a ring, probably worn on his right hand until we’re married. 
  6. I’m the oldest of four sisters. They all have blonde hair, so a lot of people didn’t think I was part of the family until they studied our faces. 
  7. I’m procrastinating on my homework. It’s a Saturday night and I’m staying in to be a good law student.
  8. I miss having time to have a great social life. I miss having best friends to spend several nights/week with. A hoe-mance (like a bromance, but two girl friends). It’s hard to make and maintain friendships when your little free time is spent catching up on sleep/laundry/errands.
  9. It’s kind of weird being in a relationship with someone who used to be just my best friend. When I was dating a different guy, I still had BFF John to do everything else with. 
  10. I have asthma. It’s gotten very bad in the past year, and I wonder if it has anything to do with the altitude. It’s really frustrating and scary when I’m doing things like riding my bike and I can’t catch my breath. 
  11. Some days I feel perky and outgoing. Other days I feel awkward talking to anyone. 
  12. I identify as Atheist. I think I’m more Agnostic because I’m open to the possibility that there might be something out there—and I believe in ghosts—but I think Agnostic sounds like a cop-out. I’m not “out” to my very Christian family because I’m afraid they’re going to start trying to “save” me. Also, I’m more Jesus-like than any of them and it’s fun to call out their hypocrisy while letting them assume I’m Christian. They’ll probably figure it out when I someday get married in a non-religious ceremony. 
  13. I don’t like repeating words in a paragraph and it bothers me how many times I used the word “out” in #10. 
  14. I live with my boyfriend. The only family members who know are one of my sisters and an aunt. Both are sworn to secrecy. My parents have no idea, and we had to hide it from them when they were in town. I have a judgy family.
  15. I’m afraid of heights. I get dizzy and sweaty on tall ladders. 
  16. I have ADHD and wasn’t diagnosed until after college. Before then, I  thought law school was impossible for me. I graduate this May. 
  17. I want to be a public defender. It sickens and angers me how racist and classist our criminal justice system is. I feel I have a duty to use my education to do something about it. 
  18. I’m a Taurus, a dog-person, a spring baby, vegetarian, feminist, socialist, near-sighted, green-eyed.
  19. Celebrities people have claimed are my lookalikes: Brittany Murphy, Anne Hathaway, and Chloë Sevigny. I disagree. 

Things law students wish you would stop saying:

  1. "What made you want to go to law school?" or “Why do you want to be a lawyer?”
    95% of people who find out I’m in law school will ask this. I am so fucking sick of it. On the surface, it might seem like a harmless attempt to try to get to know me better, and while 5% of the time it is, 95% of the time it’s a nice way to say, Oh my God, you’re going to be a lawyer? Why would you want to be someone that 1. is a greedy horrible monster, 2. everyone hates, 3. is overworked, or 4. hates their life?
    Do you ask nurses why they became nurses? engineers? photographers? managers? Probably not. 
    It’s annoying. It’s a hard question to answer, and rather existential. Like any profession, there’s a lot of reasons why someone becomes a lawyer. For most people, it’s probably a natural choice based on their skills and interests. That’s what it was for me. There wasn’t anything else I could imagine doing. It felt right.
  2. Anything implying that I will be rich once I’m a lawyer. 
    These statements are rude, offensive, awkward, and make you sound like an ignorant ass. 
    It is so rude to discuss other people’s finances.
    Also, you sound like an idiot. You’re pretty much telling me that the only thing you know about lawyers is what you see on TV. Most lawyers are not incredibly wealthy. Today, most law students graduate with over $100k in debt and start out making around $70k.
    It’s also offensive. Rich lawyers are the exception and not the rule. Whether intentionally or not, these “you’re going to be rich” statements are accompanied by “you’re selling your soul.” Being a lawyer doesn’t mean I’m going to be in-house counsel for Wells Fargo or BP. 
    You’re also implying I chose this profession for the money. There are way easier ways to get rich than spending three prime years of my life pent up in a library, enduring anxiety attacks, never seeing my friends, and taking out $30k in loans each year.
  3. "I need some legal advice."
    I can’t really do this for a few reasons. 1. There’s not much I can say before I owe a legal duty to you. 2. I’m a student, I don’t know enough.
    Also, please note that once I am a lawyer, I won’t be able to help you either, even if by some chance I work in the same area of law that governs your problem.
    Why not? Well, no legal question has a simple answer, and I don’t work for free. I provide a service. Just because it isn’t tangible, doesn’t mean I’m not giving you anything.
    But I’m your friend! Can’t you do me a favor? In order to answer your question, I’ll probably have to do research, which isn’t free or cheap. Check out Lexis or WestLaw’s pricing guides if you don’t believe me.
  4. "Did you read that article in the New York Times?”
    Yes, I fucking read it. I’ve read every article about the costs of law school and the saturated market. I either found them during one of my anxiety attacks, or a relative sent them to me. 
    Please don’t ask me this because I am ready and willing to dispel all your assumptions and fears, and this party is not the place to have that conversation. Also, why are you getting so personal? I don’t even know what you do yet! 
  5. "I hate lawyers." 
    Fuck you. How many lawyers do you even know? Probably none. 
    No, I’ve been to court! I was in a lawsuit once!  
    Oh hey, guess the fuck what? For every prosecutor or plaintiff, there’s also a defense. So when you were in court for your DUI, there was someone representing you. 
    Guess what else? It’s still up to a judge or jury to decide the case. Lawyers aren’t magicians. If you’re guilty/liable, you’re probably not going to win. 
    AND FINALLY… If you had a shitty lawyer, he/she can be sued for malpractice and can also be disbarred. That’s right! Just like doctors, lawyers can lose their jobs if they suck.
    Without lawyers, there would be no justice and the person who knows the law better would probably always win.
    But lawyers charge so much money! They’re greedy!
    Doctors are expensive too, when you don’t have health insurance.
    If law school didn’t cost around $100k, maybe lawyers could charge less.  

I implore you to take these to heart and STFU.

Why I love Spring (especially in Colorado)

  • It’s starting to stay light out later at night
  • Sleeping with all the windows open
  • Bike rides
  • 60 and 70 degree days
  • Tank tops, dresses, skirts, sunglasses
  • Iced tea, smoothies, lemonade
  • Freckles, sunburns, tans, highlights
  • Fresh fruit
  • Cold food
  • Wearing pastels and bright colors
  • Playing at the park
  • Not being cold… so you can run around or ride your bike late at night and not have to drive
  • Lacrosse
  • Hockey
  • Flowers
  • Hikes in the mountains
  • Picnics
  • Yard sales
  • The smell of Denver early in the morning and late at night
  • Boys: on bikes, wearing tank tops and cutoffs, tanned and freckled, shirtless 
  • The first trip to the pool
  • The promise of summer

some things about guys that give me butterflies

  • blue eyes
  • chivalry 
  • singing to me
  • tattoos
  • making me food
  • strong arms
  • kissing my forehead
  • curiosity
  • showing me things you made
  • a sexy bike
  • a goofy smile
  • holding my hand
  • kissing my freckles
  • bedroom eyes
  • fixing things for me
  • hugs
  • surprises 
  • that look… every guy has one
  • reading books
  • PDA
  • being a guy who likes that I’m girly 
  • killing spiders for me, being my hero and not rolling your eyes
  • dirty texts
  • when you laugh
  • when you’re excited
  • reading me your favorite stories
  • when you pick me up and I remember how much bigger and stronger you are
  • trying things I like
  • wanting me to try things you like
  • asking me questions
  • when kids, grandmas, and animals like you
  • getting dressed up
  • talent
  • telling me secrets
  • when you’re happy
10 Things To Do With Someone Before You Get Into A Relationship
  1. Fix something.
  2. Text.
  3. Eat sushi
  4. Watch how they order and tip.
  5. Dance.
  6. Drive.
  7. Hang out with your/their friends.
  8. Hang out with animals.
  9. Go down on each other.
  10. Do whatever you want.

Follow the link to read the full article/descriptions. 

things people say when I ask them to stop using an offensive word/phrase:

(ex. fag, retard, what a pussy, that’s gay…)

  • How is that offensive?
  • Fine, I won’t say it around you.
  • You embarrassed me.
  • It’s rude to correct people.
  • You’re such a liberal.
  • I didn’t think you’d care.
  • Why do you care? You’re not a ___.
  • Nobody here is a ___.
  • I don’t say it around ___ people.
  • What are you, the PC Police?
  • Sorry, I grew up around it, I can’t help it.

things I will never do and probably never do:

  • Take my husband’s last name.
  • Hard drugs.
  • Live in the Midwest again.
  • Be rich.
  • Eat meat.
  • Let my father-or anyone-walk me down the aisle. 
  • Get sick of seeing the Rocky Mountains every day.
  • Fall in love with a Republican.

Probably Never (90-99% certain):

  • Be pregnant.
  • Visit China.
  • Be debt-free.
  • Enjoy doggie style.
  • Raise children in the United States.
  • Feel that my parents are proud of me… or just as proud as they are of my siblings.
  • Play a video game ever again for the rest of my life.
  • Have a joint bank account.


  1. It’s nice when I hear from my exes’ friends. It’s nice to know they still like me. They were cool people to lose in the ‘divorce’ and it’s sad to not have them around.
  2. I’m filing a lawsuit in small claims court against my ex-landlord. She never returned my deposit or gave me a list of deductions, and has totally ignored all my communications. So I’m filling out this paperwork and I don’t really know what I’m doing… Message me if you want to help!
  3. I have a new crush. Unfortunately I met him via Tumblr (my intentions were friend zone!) so you can blame him if my posts start getting boring. Two reasons: 1) I can’t post anything juicy about him if he’s reading it. 2) So far at least, there isn’t anything good to write because he’s a sweetheart. He doesn’t say anything stupid. He’s thoughtful. He’s smart. He’s nice. He’s a good kisser. And I like his dog.
  4. I really want to do a detox. Just like a couple days or something. Any suggestions? 
  5. I wrote out that apology to T, but I haven’t sent it. I’m scared and feel dumb. Maybe because he was the one that broke up with me… but then I remind myself that I would’ve broken up with me too.