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"Analyzing sexual harassment within a framework of gender-perspective misunderstands the underlying nature of harassment itself.
Examined as a power play, the purportedly well-intentioned male to female / supervisor to subordinate “compliment” is not a compliment at all. The true message is not that the object of the comment is a beautiful woman, but that the object is not in control… The comments are intended to notify her that her separate status as a female has not been forgotten and that she is unlike those around her. The boss, presumably busy with other duties, has not taken the time to visit her and praise her good work, her superior skill. Instead he has made it a point to notice her physical attributes and ensure that she understand she has been placed within the confines of her body.

- Kathleen A. Kenealy, Sexual Harassment and the Reasonable Woman Standard


The law on women’s situation produced in this way views women’s situation from the standpoint of male dominance. It assumes that the conditions that pertain among men on the basis of sex—consent to sex, comparative privacy, voice in moral discourse, and political equality on the basis of gender—apply to women.

Rape law assumes that consent to sex is as real for women as it is for men. Privacy law assumes that women in private have the same privacy men do. Obscenity law assumes that women have the access to speech men have. Equality law assumes that women are already socially equal to men.



Catharine A. MacKinnon, The Liberal State 

Probably the best reading I’ve ever had in law school.

He had me at “I’m a feminist.”

I’m very happy to say the boy cares just as much about gender equality I do. 

Call me a nerd, but I totally swoon when he gets pissed about anti-women bullshit, or sends me articles he just read on Jezebel. 

Finally, I found a guy who gets it. 

Happy International Women’s Day! Thanks to feminists, today…

  • I can vote, 
  • I’m not my father’s property, and I won’t become my husband’s property when I get married, 
  • My property does not become my husband’s when I get married,
  • I don’t need my husband’s permission to open a bank account,
  • My husband cannot legally rape me,
  • My rapist will (in most states) still be convicted even if I don’t show evidence that I fought back,
  • I can use birth control pills even though I’m not married, 
  • I have the right to privacy when I’m pregnant and I have the right to chose when I will have children, 
  • I can’t be discriminated against employment for being a woman or for being pregnant,
  • I have equal access to public schools and I can join the military,
  • Sexual harassment is considered discrimination,
  • I have the right to be paid the same as a man (though this is still not equal), and I can sue for pay discrimination…

Gender equality still has a very long way to go, but it’s come very far (at least for Americans), especially in the past 50 years!

J Babes on my last post:

  • JB: I think you should mention how I dont like men being called feminists.
  • me: Yeah?
  • JB: How that's just what guys should be. Calling a guy a feminist is wrong.
  • me: I know guys who call themselves feminists.
  • JB: A "feminist" guy is what a normal guy should be considered, but because guys are now supposed to be dicks and treat everyone like shit, now the nice guys have to be labeled as something. I'm just a guy. I'm what a guy should be. I love and respect women. I treat them as equals. That's a man. A guy who treats women like shit is just that, he is not a man.

I hope someday I can stop calling myself a feminist.

I wouldn’t be some amusing anomaly, like the token conservative or communist friend.

Because everyone would be a feminist.

Men wouldn’t balk at the word, because they would be feminists.

Sexism, misogyny, and patriarchy would offend everyone.

Mothers and fathers would both be expected to be good, involved parents. 

Maternity and paternity leave would be the norm.

Media wouldn’t hyper-sexualize women.

Women wouldn’t have to work doubly-hard just to be put on par with the average man.

High-powered , high-ranking women wouldn’t be called bitches. 

Women wouldn’t need to assimilate to male-dominiated workplaces. 

Women wouldn’t worry about whether to wear pant or skirt-suits, or open-toed shoes, or their hair long or short or up or down, or wedding ring or no-wedding ring.

Nobody would assume the man in the marriage makes more money, or that he’s emasculated when he makes less.

Female sexuality would be considered as healthy and normal as male sexuality.

A girl would lose nothing when she has sex for the first time.

Women wouldn’t be reduced to virgins and sluts.

Men wouldn’t be excused for objectifying women. The statement “He can’t help himself when you do that/dress that way/etc.” would be erroneous.

Women wouldn’t need self-defense classes or pepper spray.

Women wouldn’t have to say “stop” because “no” would be enough.

5 minutes into meeting my roommate's college friend/visitor

  • him: Where's a good titty bar in Denver?
  • me: Um... you're asking a feminist.
  • him: Oh, sorry. Do you know where's a good gentleman's club?

things I will never do and probably never do:

  • Take my husband’s last name.
  • Hard drugs.
  • Live in the Midwest again.
  • Be rich.
  • Eat meat.
  • Let my father-or anyone-walk me down the aisle. 
  • Get sick of seeing the Rocky Mountains every day.
  • Fall in love with a Republican.

Probably Never (90-99% certain):

  • Be pregnant.
  • Visit China.
  • Be debt-free.
  • Enjoy doggie style.
  • Raise children in the United States.
  • Feel that my parents are proud of me… or just as proud as they are of my siblings.
  • Play a video game ever again for the rest of my life.
  • Have a joint bank account.
PA Liquor Control Board's new ad campaign tells teens it's their fault if they get raped

The campaign blatantly shifts the blame onto victims and friends, and away from the very person who deserves it: the rapist.”

I am so disgusted. 

so fucking sick of studying.

dear denver, where are the babes? i would very much like one right now to bring me food and warm up my bed and cuddle and make me feel like someone will love me even if/when i fail my exams/lose my scholarship. ok? thanks. 

extra babe points for a vegan or vegetarian, tattoos (that don’t suck), a beard, a resemblance to jesus (long haired version or just jewish-looking), well-read, a skateboard, glasses (cute ones), a bike (!), no monetary life aspirations, a past of learning shit the hard way, socialist, green partier, feminist, and/or penchant for dancing at dive bars.

studyin, wearing those shoes a lot

until then, it’s just me, this huge book, and like 60 pages of notes.


fuck that noise. i’m already a size 4. i’d rather have curves.

fuck that noise. i’m already a size 4. i’d rather have curves.