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John ended up on my side of the bed. He is snoring for the first time since I can remember. 

Tank, who is usually burrowed at the foot of the bed, is sleeping on top of the sheets with his head on John’s leg. 

I love my little family. 

I’m so sick of hearing about how it’s hard to balance motherhood and a career.

What about fatherhood and a career? 

Oh, that’s right, this is a patriarchal society.

I’m sick of moms feeding the idea that their job is supposed to be harder than their husbands’. 

If there are two parents in a household, there is no reason a mother should have a special burden. 

My mom’s cousin just shared with me some pictures of my grandpa, great-aunt, and great-grandparents. These ones are my favorites. They were taken in the 1910-1930s in New Jersey and New York. 

things I will never do and probably never do:

  • Take my husband’s last name.
  • Hard drugs.
  • Live in the Midwest again.
  • Be rich.
  • Eat meat.
  • Let my father-or anyone-walk me down the aisle. 
  • Get sick of seeing the Rocky Mountains every day.
  • Fall in love with a Republican.

Probably Never (90-99% certain):

  • Be pregnant.
  • Visit China.
  • Be debt-free.
  • Enjoy doggie style.
  • Raise children in the United States.
  • Feel that my parents are proud of me… or just as proud as they are of my siblings.
  • Play a video game ever again for the rest of my life.
  • Have a joint bank account.
Story of my life.

Story of my life.

A chat with my ultra-religious sister....

  • sister: It says in the Bible that homosexuality is wrong.
  • me: Because during the Old Testament times, sex was only allowed to produce more Jews. Wasting semen on other forms of sex was forbidden... They needed to build the Jewish nation. It also says you can stone to death a disobedient son and a non-virgin.
  • sister: No it doesn't. God wouldn't say that.
  • me: Give me your Bible, I'll show you.
  • sister: No I don't care. (Starts to walk away)
  • me: You can't take everything literally.
  • sister: (laughs) Then what is the point??? OF COURSE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO TAKE IT LITERALLY!!!
  • me: You're an embarrassment to Christianity.
  • sister: (Bursts into tears) I work every day at a personal relationship with God. Way harder than you!
  • me: What makes you think that?
  • sister: The way you live.
  • me: Give me an example.
  • sister: There's so many.
  • me: Give me one.
  • sister: Oh my gosh, you're not in the courtroom. Stop trying to be a lawyer!