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because law school wasn't enough like high school...

  • Facebook status of a girl that dropped out, regarding Kony 2012/Invisible Children: Next time you put down people for reposting awareness for a serious issue, realize you just took the same amount of time out of your day to DO NOTHING, as they did to DO SOMETHING.
  • Comment from my classmate: I went to school today, what did you do? Oh, wait, that's right, you dropped out.

J Babes on my last post:

  • JB: I think you should mention how I dont like men being called feminists.
  • me: Yeah?
  • JB: How that's just what guys should be. Calling a guy a feminist is wrong.
  • me: I know guys who call themselves feminists.
  • JB: A "feminist" guy is what a normal guy should be considered, but because guys are now supposed to be dicks and treat everyone like shit, now the nice guys have to be labeled as something. I'm just a guy. I'm what a guy should be. I love and respect women. I treat them as equals. That's a man. A guy who treats women like shit is just that, he is not a man.

5 minutes into meeting my roommate's college friend/visitor

  • him: Where's a good titty bar in Denver?
  • me: Um... you're asking a feminist.
  • him: Oh, sorry. Do you know where's a good gentleman's club?

New Boy --> J Biebs --> J Babes (I just decided this is his new name. This is my chat with the intoxicated namesake)

  • J Babes: So I'm a Calvin clien [sic] model?
  • me: It looked that way in your Euro underwear today. I worked at Macy's, I know what those men look like.
  • J Babes: hehehe
  • me: You are drunk.
  • J Babes: You are drunk!
  • me: OMG! What about J Babes?!?!?!?
  • J Babes: ha
  • me: oh.em.gee. I like that so much.
  • J Babes: only if you explain that your inspiration was seeing me in my tight purple underwear
  • me: BAHAHAHA
  • J Babes: no for reals. ill give you a pic if you want
  • me: You want me to post that?
  • J Babes: if it helps with your explanation
  • [no picture so far... but he's proven before he has no shame]

sorry I'm not sorry! aaahahaha

  • me: I'll make you learn to like vegetables.
  • new boy: I need butter.
  • me: I'll make you learn where butter comes from.
  • new boy: I don't want to learn about that shit. I just eat it.
  • me: I might allow butter if it's organic, hormone and cruelty-free.
  • new boy: lol Land o' Lakes?
  • me: Udders are usually covered in pus.
  • new boy: I will ignore your texts if this continues.

All I wanted for Christmas was sex... I got this ridiculous Facebook chat solicitation instead:

  • M: well im just going to lay it out there. If you are looking for a FWB kinda thing... I think you are pretty cute.
  • me: is it weird that i hung out with two of your friends and T your supervisor is my ex bf?
  • M: Oh shit T is your ex?
  • me: Yeah
  • M: well are you down to hang out as friends?
  • me: Ya sure
  • M: with benefits lol... awkward i know
  • me: haha idk i dont really do that
  • M: well that's where I'm at... just saying. i'm kinda a freak... kinda. just the truth lol maybe that's not you at all and it's understandable
  • me: haha idk
  • M: can i throw something out there that's a little strange?
  • me: what
  • M: how do you feel about being submissive sexually?
  • me: uh what?
  • M: that's honestly what im looking for. sort of a fantasy of mine
  • me: oh
  • (few minutes pass...)
  • M: did i lose you lol?
  • me: well... idk what you mean exactly, but i wouldn't say that's really something i've ever thought about or wanted... i guess the most submissive thing i'm into is missionary
  • M: ok, well I was just throwing it out there... it would involve basically like a master slave roleplay. Only if you were comfortable with it of course. Sorry I'm drunk. a lot to throw out there... no pain or anything abusive of course
  • me: oh.. haha wow
  • M: yep... so i take that as a no...