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I need a nap, but I live next to the highway and it’s rush hour in Denver… meaning someone is laying on their horn every 30 seconds. 

Also, my roommate’s college bff is here… Picture a big midwestern state university. Think of the quintessential male student. Times two. Minus their accents. I’ve mentioned before how I can’t understand my roommate, even though he was raised 4 hours away from me. Well, his friend is even worse. I’m not sure what his name is. It might be Troy, maybe Trey, or Torrey, or Terry… OPEN YOUR MOUTHS YOU MOTHERFUCKERS, YOU WERE RAISED IN CORNFIELDS, NOT WITH BOOMHAUER. 

It is Thursday evening and they are here watching some sport on tv and making a dent in their stockpile of beer. 

Why come to Denver if you’re going to do the same thing you could back home?

He will be here for a week.

Thank goodness I have J Babes to distract me, tonight at least. Also, I like how JB, who grew up in the south, is easier to understand than someone from a state that borders mine. Maybe because JB actually opens his mouth all the way when he talks.