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When I was 19 and visiting Ireland, I took the bus from Letterfrack to Dublin. I changed busses in Galway, but not before ordering a meaty breakfast sandwich at Supermac’s, with a complementary side of dirty looks from the cashier—much to my confusion. 
Then as I boarded my next bus, seating myself near the back, I watched an elderly man board that looked like he got shot in the forehead! Really freaky! Then at the next stop, more people with black forehead spots got on. “Is there a disease in Ireland that I don’t know about!?!?”
Alone and in a foreign country, I was getting super freaked out! 
Once I arrived in Dublin, I passed a bunch of people exiting a church, all with black spots on their foreheads. Up close, I realized they were crosses and it was Ash Wednesday. 
And that’s why I’ll never forget when it’s Ash Wednesday ever again.


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